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This site uses cookies. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer. These text files have diverse uses and functions.

Some cookies store information such as your user preferences, which pages you have visited on a website, or the items you have placed in a website’s shopping cart.  Other cookies, such as Google Analytics, capture anonymized data that tracks the location from where you log in, the types of devices and browsers used, the website pages visited, and other information that, by itself, is considered to be anonymized.

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You can disable cookies on one or all websites you visit. If you choose to do so, certain aspects of the site may not function as designed. 

The easiest way to disable cookies is to use your browser. You can find information in your browser’s Help section or see information for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, and Opera on their websites.

Cookies Used and Possible on This Website

This website no longer uses Google Analytics. We do not store the information previously provided by Google Analytics.

The WordPress plug-ins that make certain parts of this site function may or may not place cookies on the site. The plugins used on this site are listed below; click the name of each to go to the plugin’s website and learn more:

Cookies Beyond This Website

Please note that when anonymized non-personally identifiable information (such as that collected by Google Analytics) is pooled with other types of anonymized non-personally identifiable information from different data sources (such as data collected by Facebook, Twitter, your mobile phone provider, or stores where you shop) advertisers who have access to the pooled data may be able to build a more robust profile of you for their marketing purposes. 

Learn More

You can learn more about cookies on numerous information websites including and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Privacy Policy

We do not collect or store any information about visitors to this site.